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Construction Company Project N.I.

15 December 2015

Due to its continued growth, both in England and Ireland, this major construction company was considering building an office extension to accommodate extra staff.


However, ‘Deskwarehouse’ in close collaboration with the client’s project team was able to provide a perfect solution so saving precious floor space in the existing building.

Their current desk system was seen to use an excessive amount of floor area, however, with the proposal of introducing over 50 ‘back to back bench desks’ in layout of twos , fours and sixes, saved enough floor space to fit in all the new staff and give room for an expansion where required.


The project started initially in August 2015 and over a period of eight weeks, Deskwarehouse produced the layout plans for each individual department and to enable everyone to see what was being proposed, we installed an exact mock-up, right down to mobile under desk storage and the exact preferred colour of upholstered desk mounted screens for their appraisal and approval.


Everything was scheduled to be delivered to site exactly to co-ordinate with the removal of the existing furniture and the seamless installation of the new, so causing minimum disruption to the normal working day. The installation took place over 4 days from delivery to the removal of all packaging from site.

It was finished exactly on time to the delight of the client.

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